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Comparing Wall System Costs

Trying to choose between timber frame, masonry and SIPs (Structural Building Material)? Comparing the costs of different structural walling systems can be tricky — but it’s well worth delving into the figures and finding ways to balance costs with quality.One of the major choices is deciding which structural walling system to use for your new home. In most cases, that will boil down to a choice between three construction methods that compete with each other for viability and effectiveness:Brick and block (masonry)Timber frameStructural insulated panels (SIPs)Below is a useful link

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Foundation cracks

Do hot summer temperatures cause foundation cracks. In a word, yes. Or at least the hot weather often does. We had a call recently from an old client, saying he had some cracks down the side of the hose where the new extension butted the house. A structural engineer visited the house to determine the issue. It was put down to the hot weather we’ve recently had causing the soil to shrink and pull away from the foundations. The shrinkage can cause foundations to move, making cracks even bigger.

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