Author: Andy Hussey

Comparing Wall System Costs

Trying to choose between timber frame, masonry and SIPs (Structural Building Material)? Comparing the costs of different structural walling systems can be tricky — but it’s well worth delving into the figures and finding ways to balance costs with quality.One of the major choices is deciding which structural walling system to use for your new home. In most cases, that will boil down to a choice between three construction methods that compete with each other for viability and effectiveness:Brick and block (masonry)Timber frameStructural insulated panels (SIPs)Below is a useful link

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New Signage

We’ve had two new signs completed by Paperbox and we think they look great. The signs include a flexible PVC banner with pole pockets top and bottom to be to fixed directly to scaffolding, and a rigid aluminium composite board that can be fixed directly to a building. We are very pleased and we like to extend our gratitude to Paperbox; great quality and customer service from start to

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New Project: Sandy Lane, Cheltenham

We’re excited about a new job starting in Sandy Lane, Cheltenham. The job involves the removal of the external rear stair and bridge, first floor extension to rear above flat roof, alterations to front and side elevation windows, internal alterations and new patio to rear. That should be enough to keep us out of trouble for while! Please keep posted for further updates and development photos.

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